Saturday, 2 June 2012

Illustration Friday: Hurry!

Here's my picture for this week's Illustration Friday word, 'Hurry!'
I used to skate a lot when I was young. I'd glide around with ease and even today when I'm out and about, if I see a smooth pavement (sidewalk) that's newly tarmacced  I have the urge to don some skates and whizz away! I did try on some roller boots a few years ago but I'd lost either my sense of balance or my confidence and wobbled about, shame. :)
Life has turned into a whirlwind lately, trying to fit too many things in to my week. One of the things I do a couple of days each week is work in a lovely toyshop called Just so
Here's where I sit...

I'm of course not in the picture because I'm stood here taking it. :) 
Here are some of the views around the shop..

It's a good place for an artist to work, it fills my head with pretty images all day long!

Happy Jubilee weekend to those of you celebrating and I hope the sun comes back and shines on us all for a lovely bank holiday. :)


rachel awes said...

that store is full of dearness!
+ i relate, almost too closely!, to your hurry illustration...and, i appreciate how sweetly she's made + is nonetheless!
oh jess, you make all things
beautiful. xoxx

Jess said...

Thankyou Rachel and your sweet words beautify my world. :)

Amalia K said...

Oh, your girl is wonderful! Whizzing away in her skates.... I used to roller skate as a little kid!! It was a cool thing to be able to do that in the 80s and I took pride in it...won a couple of medals and everything too! LOL!

And how nice to be able to work in a toy shop! I think I'd probably end up spending all my pay to buy stuff in there! :D :D

Jess said...

Ha! I am tempted Amalia but looking at the lovely things all day long satisfies my need to take anything home with me. :)

Carol said...

I was always being told to "get your skates on" as a child, the "hurry up" version, not actually skating - never could, my feet head in opposite directions.
What a lovely place to work, it must be such pleasure especially when children come in to buy some treasure.
Carol xx

Els said...

Love the piece of fabric / photo (?) in the skate drawing !
What a lovely shop and guess what: I bought "Dragobert" (Moulin Roti) for our new grandson, sooooo cute !

The Fluff Master said...

I love her me, she looks as though she is in anticipation...

millefeuilles said...

Look at all those French toys! My children have been raised on Corolle vanilla smelling dolls and Moulin Roty velvety toys.


A bientôt,


Jess said...

It is a lovely place to work Carol with all the benefits of cute babies thrown in! :)

Thanks Els, that iS a piece of fabric :) I love Moulin Roty toys, so beautiful!

Thanks Fluff, she perhaps could be. She might be in need of something nice!:)

The french toys are what makes this such a wonderful shop to work in Stephanie. Djeco is another favourite of mine.:)

catkin tales said...

what a sweet looking shop! it must be fun working there :)
i like the skater with her fabric skirt, such a clever touch.
due to being dyspraxic, my parents tried to get me scating and bike-riding at a very young age. for some reason i excelled at ice-scating, winning all the kiddie competions, but although it defied logic all i ever did on roller-scates (though i loved them) was have accidents! it was the same with the bike and after a few (fortunately minor) fractures i had to give up both.
always enjoy the details in your work. the stars in the hair, the air-borne leaves and the bangles. love how the zig-zaggy bits give it extra movement too (i'm sorry i don't know the technical artist speak for this).

Piarom said...

wonderful how she glides so easily...I can feel the movement too ;) LOVE her!

Jess said...

Thanks Dorothy, there is no technical arty speak for ziggy zaggies! That's what they are. :)

Thankyou Piarom :)