Saturday, 12 May 2012

Sunny Saturday Morning

One of my most favourite things in my garden is the lilac trees. This was taken on this sunny Saturday morning. I planted them myself  a few years ago so it's very satisfying when they grow so many beautiful flowers!
One thing I haven't done this year is to walk through a bluebell-carpeted wood. I do have a few of my own though, so I haven't missed out altogether.
Not quite a carpet but still very pretty.

I've been painting on canvas this week . This is a big change for me because for quite along time now all my paintings have been on paper.

They're quite small so I'm painting on the table rather than the easel but  I do find that painting a canvas does make a lot more mess than a small sheet of paper, 

or it is me?!

It really is lovely in my garden this morning.

But don't let appearances deceive you..

An evening of the comedian Simon Amstell last night at the Colston Hall in Bristol and during the interval a bottle of wine..
 the sweetest dinkiest little bottle of wine you ever did see!
...or  are my hands extremely large? ;)

Have a great weekend!xx


Robin Larkspur said...

Lovely post. Your lilacs are gorgeous, they must smell divine!! Enjoyed seeing your studio and canvas. The bottle was dinky? So how was the wine?

The Secret Hermit said...

Your lilacs look lovely, we went up to the bluebell woods near us the other day but I only went and forgot my camera didn't I?....silly me!!

Your painting looks fab too, your work is very unique and very you!!


Jess said...

Thanks Robin :) The wine was lovely thankyou and the perfect size!

Thanks Micki,I always seem to be without my camera when I see the most amazing things! Saw waves 40 high on a beach that's normally calm the other day. Did I have my camera with me? No.

Trish said...

The Lilac flowers are beautiful, as is your painting.x

catkin tales said...

hello dear jessie lilac

the bluebells and your namesake flowers are divine!
also it is so lovely to see your workspace!! and a new adventure!:)

i have moved blog address, morikomidori had got a little sad and i needed a fresh canvas. i have also adopted a new name (i chose my maternal grandmother's name 'dorothy') as for personal reasons i can't use my real one in blogland anymore.

am going to have a peak at some of your other posts now before i turn in for the night. i am sure your lovely pictures will give me sweeter dreams :)

wishing you a magical weekend xx

dorothy ;)

Jess said...

Thankyou Trish, that's so sweet of you. :)
Hi Dorothy, lovely to hear from you and I'm sure you're new blog will be evn more beautiful than the old. I'm coming over to visit! :)

Carol said...

I love the lilacs, three in flower at the moemnt (one is still recovering from DH's severe pruning a couple of years ago!)
Carol xx

Jess said...

Hi Carol, I pruned this one back but luckily it was happy and gave me lots of flowers this year. My other one is a couple of years younger and only has a few flowers onit at the moment yet I didn't prune that one at all. There doesn't seem to be any logic to this! :)

martinealison said...

De très jolies photos de la nature... Demoiselle Printemps peut être fière...
Une jolie peinture en cours...
Une publication qui se termine sur une note merveilleuse.
Gros bisous

buttons and beeswax said...

Lovely pictures - its funny how when the sun comes out we take photos of plants - I did the same this weekend but my bluebells were blurry! I meant to go to that Simon Amstell gig but got my dates mixed up - I bet he was great!


rachel awes said...

LOOOVE your painting
+ i am also crazy for lilacs
+ along w/wine + you, perfect!! xo

Jess said...

Thanks Faye, he was! :)

Thanks very much Rachel. :)

...Tabiboo... said...

Hi Jess - mmmmmmm....lilacs.

I spotted my one on the walk to the allotment - I had never noticed it before, but the smell 'wow' - I won't be walking past with my head in the clouds anymore.

Nina xxx