Thursday, 17 May 2012

Juggling Painting Amongst the Flowers.

I've been making mixed media paintings on canvas. This one is finished and it was such a lovely sunny day yesterday I thought I'd take its photo in the garden amongst the flowers! The forget-me-nots and aubretia look so pretty at the moment and have started to spread between the cracks in the path, much to my delight!

 I have it available as a print to buy in my shop.

 The colours are reproduced really vividly as you can see!

The texture of the mixed media looks like the real thing!
Please click here if you'd like to find out more. :)


This morning I sat in bed with my sketchbook. Not a thing I do very often I hasten to add! I felt as though I needed to doodle. I get this feeling often but usually the guilt of staying in bed a moment longer takes over and I get up and on with the day and the urge disappears under all the layers of the daily jobs. 
Today I did a quick drawing and instead of feeling I should have got up, I felt happy to have created something before the day has even begun.

I've realised once again that it's important and essential for me to create.

How about you?


Robin Larkspur said...

Love the owl in the pocket! Yes, you must heed your creative urges, otherwise you might explode!!

Lisa Graham Art said...

Your painting looks wonderful...I love that she is juggling stars.

Loving the coat and the owl on your drawing!

Minerva Black the shop keeping cat said...

What a lovely work! I too love the owl. It was interesting to read about this. It's quite cheerful and apt for this time of year when things are sprouting out and blooming. x

Bella said...

I like the stars dancing around her head too.

In answer to your question; if I weren't able to create, I would be a lesser person.

catkin tales said...

i do love the above painting, very much indeed and it is perfectly set of by the forget-me-nots and purply flowers.
i like the green peeking owl too ❤

hope you are having a super weekend xxx