Thursday, 31 May 2012

Illustration Friday: Faded

Better late than never! Here's my picture for Illustration Friday, 'Faded'

It's been a busy time for me this week so I apologise for not being able to get round to visit you all! Things will settle down in a few days hopefully. :)
Thankyou new followers, you are so welcome here, I hope you continue to enjoy your visits!

I'm working on some canvas paintings and hope to show you some WIPs very soon! :)


catkin tales said...

this is so pretty! and intriquing..

are they teru teru bozu hanging at the windows? because if so, they have worked ;)

wishing you a very happy friday, hope you have a fabulous weekend too xx

Tammie Lee said...

such a lovely piece, i love all the blue and details.

Gillesse said...

I like that she's faded into the background. The patterns are well done in this :)

Jess said...

Thanks Dorothy, yes they do! It was unintentional but I tend to paint from my subconscious and surprise myself what appears! :)

Thankyou Tammie, I enjoyed using that scrumptious blue myself! :)

Thankyou Gillesse, I do love to make patterns. :)

Lisa Graham Art said...

I love this sweet girly! And all your pretty botanicals are just lovely!!

I hope your weekend is wonderful!

Jess said...

Thanks Lisa.x