Thursday, 9 February 2012

A Sketchbook Page

When you think that you know what your fears are and then it takes someone else to point out it could in fact be something else, you have to reconsider quite a lot about yourself don't you?
That was quite a powerful full moon we've just had wasn't it. It was enormous!

This little sketch was an experiment in drawing a face in an 'animae' style. I love those blue eyes, like a blue watery ocean.


Robin Larkspur said...

super painting, you are right those eyes are very much ocean-like. I love that you tried this style! (and as always, I love the colors)

Bella said...

Those eyes remind me a little of the Manga comics.

You have sounded enigmatic about fears and it has got me worried; I don't want extra fears added to those I already have. That's the trouble with putting them all in a room and leaving them; they multiply.

Purpletreebird said...

Thanks Robin :o) It's fun to try a new style.

Sorry Bella, the comment made to me had me thinking about aspects of why I do things the way I do and I've come to the conclusion that 'fear' was the wrong word to use in those circumstances. It's always good to question yourself from time to time. :o)

The Manga style is used in animae films too and I love those enormous eyes that look almost liquidy!

Sophia said...

This is really cool. Love the leaves and yes, the blue eyes are amazing! Nice job! :)

busybusybeejay said...

I love the picture and those eyes are amazing.

Carol said...

Lovely picture, those eyes, deep as an ocean.
Carol xx

Victoria Stitch said...

i love all the little patterns on the leaves! very pretty!

Tammie Lee said...

I love those blue eyes too, and the hair. wonderful sketching through out!

Mother of Twenty Daughter's said...

Oh wow, beautiful... All your art is, so, so, so beautiful! Yeas what a moon, emotional too,lol!
Lovely to hear from you. Do you have a lot of snow this morning, my little one wants more :)

Purpletreebird said...

Thanks Sophia! :)
Thankyou Barbara and Carol. :)
Thanks Victoria, I had so much fun doing those, I didn't know when to stop the layers of pattern!

Thanks Tammie. :)

Thanks Julie, we had a brief scattering this morning but it's all gone again. I think Bristol is the only place to have escaped! :)

Carrie Wachter~Martinez said...

Ha, very true! Sometimes those around us are the best mirrors we've got! Love these eyes...the way you added the white highlights and the angled strokes...and its great the way the leaves are each different. Have a wonderful weekend!

Victoria said...

Gorgoeus the expressive eyes..and the leaf is super gorgeous and I could almost touch it..very sensory!
beautiful work!
Have a happy wkd!