Wednesday, 1 February 2012

A Pinch and a Punch and a Pouch

White rabbits! :)
Or do you say "A pinch and a punch, the first of the month!"?

I have my favourite flowers, tulips on this sunny (but very cold!) 1st of February.
It's nice to see the sun out, it's light enough to take a photo of the little phone pouch I made the other evening from some scraps of wool I had leftover that were too small for anything else,
with a handy dandy cord so it doesn't fall out of my bag and a complete stranger has to tell me that
I've dropped my phone.

So, here's my latest doodlings. I started the drawing with a fish, added the girl carrying it and she looked as though she'd quite like to tippy toe on a branch. The leaves are done using a little rubber stamp I found lurking in a cupboard when I was having a tidy up. I've liked how I've seen other people using stamps but looked at the price of them and they are a teeny bit too much for the amount of times I think I'd use them but this one (and a few others) were right there all along! :o)



Clare said...

I love your high flying fish carrying lady, delightful and your leaves are perfectly delicate. My daughter loves saying the little saying about the first of the month - but I suspect it's the punch she playfully gives me that she enjoys more!

Julia Guthrie said...

The phone pouch is perfect... I should make hubby one, he drops his phone on the floor at least once a day...might help protect it a bit! LOL
And I love your painting! The starry leaves are brilliant.
So lovely to hear how your pictures evolve too. I am increasingly interested in the art/creative process for people as everyone does it so differently! :)

Bella said...

Those leaves are inspired. Maybe this could be Lucy in the sky; or should I say tree?

Re; pinch and punch - Ow, thanks - I'm black and blue now, I think I need to punch and kick for being so quick (my daughter's old retort, not mine)!

WrightStuff said...

Tulips are my favourite too! I love the journey your imagination took you on with this piece. Was the Cheshire cat up in that tree too? Delightful :)

millefeuilles said...

I love your 'doodle'! She is so pretty!

Tulips are fabulous. Have you read 'The Tulip' by Anna Pavord? It is a wonderful book about the history of the tulip and it is beautifully written.


joanne May said...

Such lovely tulips and vibrant colours for a grey February, although we did have a bit of sun today so that is good! ;-)

I think your latest work is a bit more than a doodle!
She is lovely and I like that she is a bit surreal too, carrying a fish while dancing in the treetops. ;-)
I have just favourites your Etsy shop and hearts one of your paintings. I thought I was already a follower!
Best wishes,
Jo. xx

Sara said...

i say both, but instead of white rabbits where I live we say white bunnies. It is an old ledgend on Portland UK that its bad luck to say the "R" word. It stems from the miners that used to have a superstition that if one saw a bunny come from the mines that someone would die and they would refuse to work. hugs Sara

Kim Mailhot said...

Oh the fish-lover girl is awesome. Up a tree, eh ? Well, at least not up a creek ! ;-)

I saw a lady in the grocery store with a lovely bouquet of orange tulips in her basket. They were like little sunshines ! Next trip, I will be putting one into my February basket too !
Have a great weekend !

rachel awes said...

i LOVE your latest doodle...
how brilliant to carry such a fish while skipping along in a tree!
+ the stars compliment how magical it indeed is!!
+ the tulips are a beautiful sight in february!

Kathleen Marie Pequignot said...

Awww. Your fish lady is charming, and she looks perfectly poised on that fanciful tree. Lovely. :)

Cynthia Schelzig said...

What a fabulous fish woman and I love your starrrry leaves!!

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