Friday, 24 February 2012

Illustration Friday: Capable

I don't know how I managed to draw this today because this lady looks a lot more capable than I feel today! I've been suffering from a chest infection and haven't been able to do as much as I wanted to this week, my energy is quite low at the moment.

Thankyou for all your lovely comments on my last post! I love to hear what shapes you make when you're doodling and drawing. I wonder what it says about us as a person? You can see here in the picture above I've included my usual leaf shapes again. I like them to be neat and controlled but they are often less than perfect. Make of that what you will! ;o)

You might remember this watercolour painting I did last year. It's now available to you as a lovely print in my Etsy shop.

Have a lovely weekend whatever you're doing and I'll see you again soon.xx


Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

It must be in the air to create in response to our bugs! I only had energy to sit in the sunshine coming through the window and dream of calm waters. Take care dear one!

Cindy D. said...

These are lovely! The woman in the first does indeed look like a strong capable, if maybe quiet and introspective, woman. I like the way you've framed her with those botanicals.

The second image is terrific too. I just love those blues and greens in her outfit (and the patterns) contrasted with the pink and orange flowers. Really lovely composition (which is fitting, as she's playing music!) :D

Anonymous said...

These are so beautiful. I love the colors and background of the first one. Her eyes are alluring and full of light. The other two are full of movement and life. Lovely!

Bella said...

I also like the serene expression of the first woman. Once again you have worked in a soft glow to the face. (How do you do that)?

The woman with the violin can only make me think of one thing on this beautifully sunny Saturday here near Bath; Spring!

Amalia K said...

I love the solemn look on her face...she seems like someone you can really depend on. :)

I do hope you feel better, Jessie. I have been sick for over a week, and recovery is coming slowly too. Don't you just hate being sick? :( oxx

crazylady said...

Beautiful work! Thanks for sharing.

Ana said...

Lovely illustrations, I like the calm face of the girl in the first pic and it looks like the music is making flowers grow on the second :)
I hope you get better and full of energy very soon!

Anne said...

Lovely drawing! <3