Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Little Maisy and Some Trees

This is my granddaughter Maisy.
She has a very big smile just like her mother did when she was a baby! This is taken in my daughter's flat but they're coming to stay for christmas and I'm looking forward to that. This will be Maisy's first ever christmas and I'm so  pleased she's going to be here!

I managed to get out for a quick walk at the weekend for some much needed tree therapy. I love trees, whatever time of year.
They look like two people holding on to eachother
don't they?


lynne h said...

oh my goodness, maisy *and* these trees.... both seem to be great therapy to me.

re: hexagons... i agree, they're very much like circles - this is something that i've noticed in the past weeks. it's come to me that basically they're circles that are 'sqooshed' up.

love to you, jess...

Carol said...

Lovely photo of Maisie.
I like trees so much, like to give them a hug, especially the oldies. Great to see the structure when the leaves fall and then the pure magic of the hoar frost which turns them into a petrified forest.
We've planted quite a few but our biggest, the walnut, was here when we moved in. Only about 6' then, you should see him now! Great crop of walnuts, unfortunately the cheeky squirrels take the majority.
Carol xx

Charlotte said...

yep, tree therapy and small ones, the two best ways to make life feel a little brighter. Love the pictures.

renilde said...

oh great, i'm having my grandson(also first christmas) and his mum here with us too for the holidays, me too looking forward to it, the sweet things in life ..... x

Bee happy said...

Maisy is so cute! you should have a great christmas :)

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

Cynthia Schelzig said...

What a wonderful sweet smile...a little doll baby:).....super shots of the trees too!

claire barone art said...


Purpletreebird said...

Thanks Lynne :)Yes they are!

Thanks Carol, I love the old tres too, so much character and so beauitiful. Your walnue tree sounds lovely.

Thankyou Charlotte. :)

Hi Renilde, yes it makes all that hard work we did as parents pay doesn't it? Have a lovely time with him!

Thanks so much Bee, yes I'm looking forward to it.

Thanks Cynnie!

Thanks Clare, you're very welcome. :)

Victoria said...

AWw..what a gorgeous little darling..enjoy your time together! So wonderful!

And wow..such spellbinding images of trees.they are like my family and they always bring me balance and healing...thankyou for this gorgeous array of photos..amazing!

Ginny said...

Maisie is incredibly beautiful. Her smile lights up the page and I know the world around her.
I too love trees. I love their shape, their strength, their colors and how beautiful they make the world. Thank you for sharing your walk and your beautiful trees.

Rosie said...

Maisie is so great she made me laugh aloud.

Purpletreebird said...

Thanks Victoria, trees are wonderful aren't they?

Thanks Ginny, you can't help but smile back at her when she does! It seems to work on the page too! :)

Thanks Rosie, thats really lovely!

Tammie said...

Maisy is cute as can be!
love your tree photos too.

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