Thursday, 27 October 2011

Room 'Progress' and Old Books

I'm feeling inspired by the lovely golden yellows that are around at the moment but I've yet to go on a nice autumn walk, I've been so busy lately.

I'm still in the process of sorting out and redecorating bedrooms. I've finished the decorating in my youngest daughter's room  and she's already covering the walls in posters!

It is her room after all so I don't mind too much how she adds to it.
So far.

In between room sorting I've been making paintings using old books as collage materials. This is something I've never done before because I've felt uncomfortable tearing up pages from books. There's been a lot of sorting and discovering going on in my house recently and I came across a stack of old books that were going to be thrown away anyway, so I rescued them from the recycling box to use for my painting!
I love to see paintings made from all kinds of materials and for many years have kept a tin with bits and bobs, sequins and glitter. They don't see the light of day very often but I enjoyed doing this technique so much....
I think I shall do some more.


Lorraine Young Pottery said...

I know how you feel about the books, there are so many interesting projects involving them and yet it's a book!
Nothing better than grabbing the recycle ones :-} Love your girls fiery hair!


Bee happy said...

Love the room it's looking great, not sure about the posters though!

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

rachel awes said...

will you paint my arm
to be that lovely too?!
fall love xox

Tammie said...

such a lovely piece, you used the book in a wonderful way! do get out for a walk, autumn can disappear so swiftly!

Amalia K said...

Wow, I wish I had a mom like you when I was young! I would definitely kill for a room like that! LOL! And of course, I think I would have plastered the entire walls with posters too...I mean, what would a kid do without posters on her wall? :D

And your painting is beautiful..I love the warm hues and the lovely details. oxx

Victoria said...

Wow..she is radiant..decadent and gorgeous..the colors just beam..and her spirit is sparkling and powerful..i love it! yay..wonderful roooms!

Robin Larkspur said...

Beautiful bedroom, how special you have made it, and now she is adding her own specialness! I am fascinated by your collage/book page paintings! Looking forward to seeing more of this very fun technique!

renilde said...

Again a beautiful work Jessie, it is so inspiring to try something else now and than, xx

olric said...

I really loved your works. I have a passion for all kind of birds and you're really good with them.
BTW I loved the place where nail polishes placed! Thank for following also! xx

Julie-ann Bowden said...

Love your art Jessie, so Christmas!
Your daughters room looks awesome with the posters. :)


i am loving the collagey look of your paintings.
you seem to have a talent for decorating too :)

warmest hugs xxx

moriko (forest girl)

rossichka said...

What a wonderful room for a young lady! Golden Mummy!:-)
The new technique you've used gives some special charm to your paintings. I know how you feel about using books - a little bit guilty - but from another poit of view you give them the chance for a new life.
Your post "Alone but not lonely" impressed me very much and made me think about my own creative work and the difference between artists and directors. After having my "quality time" for a start, I share the inspirations and visions about the play, that have been born from it with the others. And here comes the big, hard task - to make them live on the stage, using the creative energy and talent of the actors, the scenographer, the composer and the whole staff. Don't ask me what can happen if we don't "talk" one and the same language!!! So... how happy you are with your freedom to express yourself!:)

Karen said...

I also feel like that about books. I came across a craft project in a magazine recenty, to make a secret compartment box out of an old book. It looked wonderful, so I browsed in charity shops for old books, as obviously it had to look authentic and I was planning on making it as a present for someone. But every book I came across I just didn't have the heart to buy it to cut up. :( Silly really, because no doubt they end up in the bin if no one ever buys them? I'm glad you were brave and gave a book new life in your pretty painting. :)
And your daughters room looks wonderful! I see she is from Planet Jedward? ;) x

Julia Guthrie said...

Wonderful job of decorating! And I love the idea of using books as art...the text gives paintings that little extra dimension :) x

A mermaid in the attic said...

Love this new painting, Jessie! And I have to admit to a phobia about tearing up old books too, it almost seems like sacrilege, so I can only do it if the book is literally falling apart and no good for anything else!

Sandra van Doorn said...

i love the idea of drawing on old book pages... the result is stunning, and certainly vibrant with the beautiful autumn colors that surround us at the moment... beautiful.
xo sandra