Friday, 4 March 2011


Friday life drawing.
but a good morning.

time to play with my watercolours...

I wait
patiently and still.
I have waited a long time.
With the knowledge my time will come.
I sit
listening for the sign.


GreenWhisper said...

these sketches are the first one!

good things come to those who wait:-)xx

joanne May said...

Wonderful life drawings and painting.
Very fine work... It is important to play! ;-)
Have a good weekend Jessie with plenty of creative magic.
Jo. x

Dyche Designs said...

So beautiful, have a great weekend.

WrightStuff said...

I'm playing with watercolours now too - just waiting for my salt to dry over my wash!

Nicola said...

Gorgeous sketches Jessie and I really love the watercolour, so delicate and pretty! Have a wonderful weekend xoxo

toemail said...

Nice drawings! And just to let you know we accept drawings of toes at toemail too! :)

Julie-ann F Bowden said...

Beautiful art Jessie!

Ces said...

Jessie, these are terrific! I love human body studies. I am not very good with it. My right arm and hand need to be in the right position for me to be able to draw, so I appreciate it when I see well done illustrations. As for watercolors, I totally suck, not just the paper. Haha!

Kerri said...

i love your new banner painting!

Michelle May said...

Wonderful sketches. I do love watercolors though. The softness of them. Lovely work girlfriend.
xx, shell

Kat W said...

Gorgeous watercolour & very good sketches. I especially like the 'when's it my turn?' - very cute!

Kat :-)

the enigma said...

that's a great drawing!

Blissful Pumpkin said...

Jessie, You life drawing sketches are very good. I also like your playful watercolour.

Kyles =D