Thursday, 31 March 2011

Illustration Friday: Toy

The word for Illustration this week is 'toy' and coincidently, I've started working part-time in a toy shop this week too!
Another coincidence, after I took a photo of these two characters yesterday they reminded me of a lovely email a friend sent me a few days ago about 2 little ducks.

I wonder how they got there?

Do you ever have odd coincidences happen like this to you ?


I'm doing a commission at the moment (and this is where working in a toyshop comes in very useful) I bought these little plastic animals. They shall be perfect models!


Dyche Designs said...

What wonderful coincidences. It must be great fun working in a toy shop.

renilde said...

You know i would have bought these plastic animals too, in my house there are animals everywhere; old toys in plaster ,wood and papier-maché, figurines in wood, porcelain and earthenware, realistic ones ,art deco and crazy ones(should do a post on them)
Have fun at your new job, looks like a happy shop. And yes coincidences happen to me all the time and they always make me smile.
Your toy painting is cute and beautiful, x

Jessie said...

Thanks Kathryn, it's definitely fun to look around and see all the cute faces looking back at me! I've loads to learn though.

Hi Renilde, I couldn't resist these when I saw them! Thanks very much :)

Jack Foster said...

Hey Jessie! What an amazing coincidence! I love the photo of the two ducks. Your illo is so sweet! What a great place to work for an illustrator! Surrounded by joy and inspiration! Congrats on the commission. I’ve got similar toys all around my studio lol

Julia Kelly said...

Its a good coiwinky-dink! Love the illustration and glad you are immersed in inspiratiion!

Shravani.Arts said...

So true..Coincidences make us happy & surprised...I like when it happens with me as well :) loved your illustration...its cute!

Missy said...

Wonderful bear illo and the toy shop your working in looks cute too!

dont judge people by their avatar said...

lovely coincidence, indeed!!!

Julia said...


Lovely, lovely art work!! I love seeing close ups of paintings too! Also must just say how much I liked your life drawing too, took me back to art college that, used to really enjoy it!

Love Julia x

lilly blue said...

Hi Jessie,

I noticed your comment on my blog and stopped by for a little peek. Thrilled to find your beautiful illustrations. Thank you and have a beautiful day x

Tammie said...

coincidences like that are so much fun

your bear is wonderful, i love the shading on him. wishing you fun in the toy shop.

Jessie said...

Thank you! :)