Friday, 11 February 2011

Productive Friday

Life drawing this morning and this is the last week for this particular model boooooooooooooo!
She's one of my favourites because I like the poses she does and her hair makes good shapes to draw. She has a lovely face to draw too!Although you wouldn't think that by looking at this picture!

Do you remember the paintings I showed here yesterday? Well I decided to do more to the foreground tree and this is the result..... before
and afterwards.
Better doncha think?
A happy weekend to one and all!


Gretel said...

I kind of liked it before, just my preference...but it is still lovely, and reminds me very much of Redon's work.

Jessie said...

Thanks Gretel, at least I didn't go overboard with the colours...(this time!)...;)

Anonymous said...

This is going to look totally awesome! I love your art like this. I get soaked into the textures,colours and patterns! Heaven!

Julia Christie said...

Gorgeous painting! Love the ethereal feel.


SaraLynn said...

I'm loving your new piece and I love getting to see your figure drawings! Gorgeous work, keep it coming!

Bella Sinclair said...

Beautiful works! Your paintings have such an enchanting quality about them. I like the addition of leaves on the tree in this painting. They balance out the bright area with yellow and white flowers very well.

And your figure drawings are wonderful!

Rosie said...

Got to love those blues.

Tammie said...

so wonderful to see what you are doing!! colors and nude sketches a wonderful mix

Jessie said...

Thank you for your lovely comments! This one's finished now and I've nearly finished 2 more. I'll post quite soon afetr I've done the IF for this week. :)