Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Illustration Friday: Sweater

An elephant in the room is one thing and an elephant dancing on the spot is another! ;)
This week's word for Illustration Friday is 'sweater'.
I've never called them sweaters, or pullovers, I call them jumpers or long sleeved tops! What do you call them?


kslaughter said...

Super cute illustration! I just love your use of color~~I call them "sweaters" most of the time (because i'm an American), but I live in Belgium, so sometimes I call them "les pulls." ;-)

Anonymous said...

I call them jumpers too! Always, and when I was a little girl for some reason no one knew and I can't remember, I called my adored maternal grandfather Cyril 'Jumper'. So, your lovely elephant in a jumper helped me remember my Jumper.

Jessie said...

I like hugging people when they wear woolly jumpers. It's so cuddly! :)

Anonymous said...

Your elephant looks the happiest ever in that sweater! He saying "hey look at me, I'm so cool!
My mum is doing really well, thanks so much for asking Jessie! She is so sweet, I just want to pick her up like a child and sit her on my knee.
Jessie, I like your new advatar picture also. Really pretty!

Missy said...

Cute, that's a wonderful sweater!

the tweed fox said...

gorgeous sweater!

Patti said...

Hey, I want that sweater. Cute.