Friday, 25 February 2011

Butterfly Brain

Even when I think I've checked my typing for errors, I still manage to let typos slip through the (butterfly?) net! That's because my head feels like this.
This morning was life drawing and luckily for me, I didn't need my brain to draw. Sometimes that's the best way, to disengage it for a while.
I have no trouble disengaging it, it's the engaging bit I'm struggling with right now. Is it me or do other creatives have the same problem?

hmmm....might just be me then..

No, that's not me, I'm not the model, I'm the drawer.
Can 'drawer' be a word for someone who draws or just a place where you keep your socks?
(If you're tidy that is and if you indeed have socks.)


Dyche Designs said...

This post made me smile, love the sketches. My sister just recently started doing a life drawing course and really enjoyed her first class.

Rosie said...

I do have socks, none of them match and sometimes there are lots and some days none at all. Roll on summer.

Gina Lee Kim said...

Thank you Jessie for your very kind words on my blog.
Thank you for sharing your live model drawings; they're wonderful! You have a lot more discipline than me.

Jessie said...

Thanks Kathryn :) I struggled when I first did life drawing but these days I love it!

Hi Rosie, my daughter wears odd socks on purpose, for decoration or maybe she's given up looking for their partners? Where do they all go? They must all go away on holiday together because they all seem to return at the same time don't they? Nearly all anyway, some decide to stay at whatever destination they went to. Must be sunnier there or something.

Thanks Gina, I'm not sure if I have ANY discipline but I'm smiling thinking of the possibility! :)

Sophia said...

I would like to try a course like that at some point and time. You're doing an amazing job. Quite impressive! =) And yes, I think many of us creative brains get scattered abroad here and there at times.

Jessie said...

Thanks Sophia, I'm glad I'm not alone in this :) I quite like being scattered anyway!