Wednesday, 26 January 2011

My Painting Corner

I'm waiting for paint to dry so while I have a moment, I thought I'd show you my painting corner.
The circular pallette you see down near the books was once the packaging on a pizza. Those polystyrene ones are perfect for the job and they last for ages. There are a couple of tin lids there too that I use to put paint on but they're a bit bumpy, not that useful really but I couldn't bring myself to throw them in the bin.
I've had to put my big brushes and canvases to one side today. I'm working on a magazine illustration which should really have been done by now but naughty me....I forgot all about it!
I've made a start and will post it here when it's finished. I've never drawn a shark before!

(That's not a cup of tea on my table, that's my murky paint water. Don't worry, I haven't drunk it by accident....yet.)


Tammie Lee said...

I always enjoy seeing artists work areas! Thank you for sharing. Wishing you the best on your magazine piece, looks wonderfully watery so far.

Elisabeth Firsching said...

Quiet friendly sharks by now. They would not scare anybody...
What a tiny small space for doing such a good job ;-)

Jessie said...

Thanks Tammie, it is very watery, great fun sploshing all that water around!
Thanks Elisabeth, I think they're just scaring eachother! :)