Friday, 26 November 2010

Budding Buddha

I've never tackled a buddha before so this was a new venture for me. This is my work-in-progress...
There's more to do, the tree and leaves need more colour perhaps and I think I'll add more ink to the watercolour. Stay tuned!


Nicola said...

Ohhh this is gorgeous! I don't know how you get your colours so vibrant the are so lovely! I really like your previous post too those reds and pinks etc are yummy!!!

rachel awes said...

if i were a bird, i would
fly near her too.
loooove her so.
blue bless.
(at first i meant to write
blue bliss,
but typed what i did
& decided to go w/it).

Jessie said...

Thanks Nicola, I use Schminke watercolours which I find lovely and vibrant! :)

Thanks Rachel, Blue Bless! That's lovely! A very good slip up. :)

Anonymous said...

i'm lost for words.. this is fantastic!

Judy Jaikaran said...

this is BEAUTIFUL! i have a page on Instagram called "Budding Buddha". may i please share this on my page crediting you for the artwork?

Jess said...

Yes Judy you can! :)

Judy Jaikaran said...

thank you SO much! :)