Monday, 6 September 2010


There's no ignoring it, the season is beginning to change.

I still have my little one home for another week before she goes back to school for the new term, so a chance to hit those shops to get last minute school things. One good thing (for me) about her school being later than the others, is that the mall will be less frantic and busy than it was last week!
Right then, what's this week's Illustration Friday? Oh yes, 'Dessert' mmmmm...that'll make me think about naughty food today won't it?! ;o)


PG said...

Lucky you though, you still have nastursiums!

Jessie said...

Hi Gretel, Yes but that's just about all we do have left! ;o)

Giggles said...

Hi Jess I've had you on my google reader for quite sometime. I love your blog... thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, it reminded me to put you on my front page blog list!!

I love fall with the plethora of colors left from summer and changing leaves amalgamated!

Hugs Giggles mmm dessert~~lol

Amalia K said...

Wow Jess, your world sure looks pretty from here!! :))

I love your biker, by the are always good with patterns and colors. oxx

Jessie said...

Thankyou Giggles, I shall be honoured to be there :)

Thanks Amalia, those leaves really took me by surprise yesterday!