Thursday, 23 September 2010

The Full Moon and Autumn Equinox

What a day it is today. Not only the full moon but also the autumn equinox!

To celebrate this special day I'm listing two watercolour paintings of mine for sale on Etsy.
Both paintings measure 22 x 30cm (9 x 12 ins.)
They are $40 each (that's approximately £25 in UK money.) They're listed in US dollars but the amount will be automatically converted to your own currency!

Click HERE to see my shop :)

The triple Goddess - worshipped by the Ancient Britons, is now in her aspect of the ageing Goddess and now passes from Mother to Crone, until she is reborn as a youthful virgin as the wheel of nature turns.
At the Autumn equinox the goddess offers wisdom, healing and rest.
I feel strangely drawn to this description!
Exciting Update.....
This painting has been included in an Etsy Treasury! :)))) CLICK HERE to see!


Paula said...

Oh I feel drawn to her too and even more to your pciture! I truly lvoe your style of paintings.

Rosie said...

Aha! That explains everything...but this time of year is when I start revving up.
Lovely illustration.

rachel awes said...

she hugs the moon
& i hug HER.
love your work deeeeeearly...
as much as a stack of colors
on a pair of brilliant socks.

Dyche Designs said...

Great paintings, I have a thing for moons.

Ana Márquez said...

I come to you from Translucent Blue, and I am so glad to know your beautiful blog and work. You're genial! congratulations :-)

Ana Márquez said...

... And sorry for my bad English :-)

Kat_RN said...

Lovely images, I especially like the one with antlers. I think I know how she feels. I have been looking forward to this season for so long.

Julia Christie said...

Jessie, I love both of these, but especially the moon. You have such a wonderfully soothing style - very whimsical but sort of fantastical too. wonderful work.


Tammie said...

such a lovely post Jessie~
I love the lady wrapped around the moon, lovely as can be. The other one is wonderful as well. You are so gifted with color and originality.

Anonymous said...

i love both of these, but especially the first one..hugging the the way her hand rests gently on lady luna's intuitive eye:)

a lovely post. wishing you a gentle autumn..


Caroline said...

Lovely work! The leg/trunk/tail warmers made me smile!

Ces said...

Ooooh! hello jessie! Thank ypou for stopping by. I am gld you did because I get to see your lovely art again! Have a great weekend. TSUP!

Kim said...

Jess, I can see why she has been added to the Etsy Treasury, because she is truly exceptional. Congratulations! I agree this description works its way into some part deep inside and I also like that.

Both of these paintings are truly wonderful and maybe you have found a new series. At any rate, I love this direction and the way you express it - so introspective and joyfully!

Anonymous said...

Just wonderful.

Paula said...

Had to had another peek at her. It is wonderful!

Aiyana Woman said...

Beautiful way of showing how we as women trust and are connected to the moon. This makes my heart tingle. Thank you x