Saturday, 7 August 2010

Yorkshire Magic and Gel-Pen Joy

I've been having fun using Gel pens but before I show you that, here we are (I'm holding the camera so you can't actually see me!) in York. We walked a little way along the City wall but it was only a little way because my fear of heights took over. I never used to be like this before I had chidren, it's quite a nuisance I can tell you! That's the beautiful Minster you can see in the distance behind.
We couldn't leave without visiting the Yorkshire Dales too. The air smelt so divine, so clean, so fresh. The cows were in no hurry to move out of our way!

This bird flew away shortly after I took the picture and if anyone out there reading this knows what it might be called I love to know. :)

I said I'd show you my gel pen pictures and here they are. After drawing, I added water which transformed them into a water colour type effect. I had great fun doing this, so much fun in fact I went out and bought a whole new set. :)

Here below are two pictures using the Inktense pencils, so many colours! I don't know what to choose next, pencils or Gel pens! ;o)

Welcome new followers! I'm so happy to have you here and thankyou for your comments that you've left here. They're very much appreciated, especially as I haven't time at the moment to reply individually, or to visit you. I promise I'll do lots of catching up when the schools are back,
LOTS!! :o)


Julia Christie said...

Amazing, can't believe these are gel pens! I love the muted effect and all the detail!

So glad to have found your place.


Dyche Designs said...

I love York, that area is so beautiful.

Love all your sketches too, especially the fishes. Great work.

Sara said...

love your sketches. I am not certain but the bird might be a grouse. It certainly has the shape and size of one. Its a great picture. A bird book will be able to tell you, hugs Sara

Kerri said...

i think i've finally found the right frame from the beautiful watercolor i bought from you! :) i've hunted high and low. i just have to get some matting for it now!

Kim said...

Ohhh Jess! I think I will call you the color girl! These are wonderful. I have not played with gel ink before, but adore inktense pencils! I also think ink is a fantastic medium. I have enjoyed working with acrylic ink lately. The intensity is truly amazing and I love to watch it flow, too. I love these drawings!

Oh, how you make me long for England! I miss it so much and what a beautiful day you had in York! Those cows in the road reminded me of all the times I stopped in the New Forest for wandering creatures (mainly ponies there, though).

Thanks Jess for the wonderful adventure of this posting!

June said...

Is the bird perhaps a hen pheasant?
Do a google image search, and you will be able to see the similarities for sure.

Jessie said...

Thanks Julia, I didn't realise gel pens could do this either! it's so fun to experiment! :)

Thanks so much Kathryn!

Thankyou Sara, I thought it might be. :)

Hi Kerri, that so exciting for me! I wish I could see it framed!

Hi Kim, yes the Inktense pencils are so bright aren't they? I think we share the love of colours. :)

Hi June, I did the image search thing but I still can't tell! I so wish I was good at spotting birds. :)

rachel awes said...

how beautiful!
both the photos
& your art!
my head is

busybusybeejay said...

Wow!Love the pictures.I kept calling my OH saying come and look at this.He dabbles at painting asa hobbyand has used felt pens.He is now going to try gel pens.The last picture he did was in acrylics and is in the N.Wales Open Exhibition.He is really chuffed.Thanks for your tips.

lili said...

Hi Jessie! I'm a new follower! I like your blog so much, so beautiful illustrations and lovely pics! Greetings from Buenos Aires, Argentina!

ruthie said...

Gel pens are great aren't they, i have a sort of addictio to collecting them i think lol. Looks like you had a fab time in Yorkshire. We will be down in your neck of the woods again next week, yay cant wait.

Mon said...

hi, just found your blog.

you've made me a little homesick. love york.
i think you ahve our car even. an audi?

i never knew you could use gel pens with water.what a nice effect. i only have two gelpens so not going to help much, lol.

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

You are a true delight!!! Gorgeous dear one! Blessings.

Kiki said...

Gorgeous blog! hello..I just found you from Amy's blog today..your art is super-beautiful..lovely to meet a fellow artist!!..wonderful post..and beautiful photos!

Julia Guthrie said...

I love York! Went there twice with my parents (long time ago now! lol). And I have a bad fear of heights too...I remember walking around those walls with my arm right against the brick! haha

I've never seen anyone do so much with gel pens as you Jess! They are so vibrant & lovely :) x

Paula said...

Just found your blog and love your pictures and your paintings. Surely will be back soon.

Nicola said...

Hi Jessie, long time no 'see', heheh I'm back from my trip and thought I'd pop in and see what you've been up to, loving the gel pens work, looks like you had heaps of fun and York looks beautiful too!

Jessie said...

Thankyou everyone for your comments, I'm so looking foward to catching up properly with you soon! :o)

Rebecca said...

Beautiful work and what scenery!

Anonymous said...

It's a hen pheasant :-) lovely pics too