Sunday, 22 August 2010

St Ives

We've just got back from my favourite place in the world, St Ives, so I've got lots to show you! Above is a sketch I did from the window of the house where we were staying.Parking isn't easy there, so we had a long climb up the hill to the car park but what a lovely view we were rewarded with from the top.
The light there is stunning at all times of the day and if you've ever visited, you'll understand why so many artists have gravitated towards there for many years.
Happily for me, there are lots of galleries to explore and inspire. Not only was I influenced by these but also the gorgeous colours in the shops and the amazing landscape of course!
I took my watercolours with me and here are a few pages from my sketchbook.
Not painted from life I might add!
Thanyou for your visit here, welcome to new followers! I'm looking froward to catching up with everyone at the end of the summer.

Have a lovely summer and I'll post some more colour and fun soon. xx


rachel awes said...

i LOVE that sketch
w/freedom purple color
splashed all over
ALL so free & INSPIRING!
& then a change of venue ~
i equally adore your art
that follows ~
eeeeeeee! i love that
green hair & her green eyes
& hat & evereeeeeeeething!
& then there's an
awesome gesture below
& hair again &&&&&
i ADORE what comes from you.
madly truly.
big love!!

Jessie said...

Thankyou Rachel, that is SO sweet of you! You are making me smile! :)

Foxglove Spires said...

Hello Jessie, I love your blog and all of your illustrations and art. You are a talented artist. Your pictures remind me of my summer holiday in England all the memories, Thank you.

Enjoy the rest of your summer.

Dyche Designs said...

Love your sketches, I miss the UK.

Julia Christie said...

Sounds a great trip Jessie, I love the pages from your sketchbook. I am all about the details and so I love all of the intricacies here. love the cat especially!

Thanks for your visit and nice comments about our sketches.


Karen said...

You have been gadding about I see and enjoying the summer. Lovely to see what you've been up to. Great drawings and photos's :) xx

noelle said...

OOh you came to St Ives!!! I love your paintings, Its rained all day today not such a nice view!!

Julia Guthrie said...

I LOVE your sketch of St Ives (the 1st pic)!
And sea pictures...yay! Have spent very long in St Ives sadly. We used to go for the ocasional evening walk over there when we lived in Penzance but summertime is ridiculously busy. Insane memories of getting train over there during the height of summer when my parents were visiting...agh!! Never again! lol
It is beautiful tho :)