Saturday, 10 July 2010

My Big Red Cat

As you might already know, I have an obsession with colour, the more the better. That's why I love the rainbows I get from my crystals! They make me smile every morning :) There was a time my paintings had every colour of the rainbow in them but now I love to try out simpler colour schemes.
Here you can see how I've used just green and red as the main colours. Did you notice that I enjoyed painting the cat in the last post for Illustration Friday so much it inspired me to paint this giant cat too and this time he's accompanied by his adoring friend with a chorus of singing birds in the trees beyond!
I'd like to offer this painting for sale at the price of just
£20 (that's approximately $30 at the time of writing).
The measurements are approx. 29 x 22cm (about 11 x 8") and I use top quality paper and watercolours.
If you'd like to offer my Giant Red Cat a new home,
just email me at jessicastride(at)
He is house trained and so is his green stripey friend!


Ren said...

I want a green and white stripey little cat now Jessie! I may have to paint my ginger boy...

Jessie said...

Hi Ren,
You could make him a lovely new outfit! Now there's an idea! ;o)

Julia Christie said...

Hello - first time visitor - I came by way of Amalia's place. I LOVE your use of color - I am a color girl too and can never get enough.

looking forward to following.


Amalia K said...

Jessie dear, this painting is just lovely and less colors suit your style perfectly too. :)

And thanks for your comment, yes, lions are magnificent creatures, aren't they? Leos are quite intriguing, indeed! Would you believe me if I told you that both my father and husband are Leos too??! (^__^)

Jessie said...

Hi Julie, welcome! I'll look forward to your visits, thankyou for your kind comment. :)

Jessie said...

Thankyou Amalia, you're so sweet. :)

Anonymous said...

Jessie, your cat painting is so beautiful and full of pure spirit and light. Just like you said about your crystals.
Thank you Jessie so much for your message, so lovely to hear from you.
I was given a gift when I saw this painting. Shined so much love.

Loads of love!


ruthie said...

love the colour jessie, your work always has a happy , smiley feel about it x

Veronica said...

Love the cool little stripey cat.

Annie Napolean said...

Very nice Jessie and I the colors are just so pleasing ^^

Jessie said...

Thankyou so much for you lovely comments! :o) xx