Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Clean Fresh and White!

These little paintings were made in my sketchbook while I waiting for the 'Trail' painting to dry. It's been ages since I've sat down to do any painting like this as it's been difficult to concentrate with builders in the house.
I've made good use of the time though. There's been plenty of crocheting and I've also been renovating sad old tables in dire need of a make-over. Both tables were old but not in a nice antiquey sort of way, more like an Argos from the 1980's. Perhaps nice at the time but definately seen better days!

If you've read this blog in the past, you'll know I usually paint my furniture in bright colours and patterns but not this time!

A radical change for me.White!

I love it, it's so clean and fresh and bright. Oh I forgot to mention the ottoman I'm fixing up too. You can see it in the background awaiting its new top.
Maybe it's a reaction to all the mess I've put up with.

They're nearly done!


ruthie said...

Oh, jessie i love your make overs, how funny i painted my table white too! they do look lovely and light & sunny. Its a great feeling to give new life to old objects isn't it. Our next project is building a deck out back from reclaimed wood pallets that were to be thrown away hee hee love the painting s too especially the sun dress x

Rosie said...

I am now into month ten of waiting for the builders to tile the floors of all the cupboards after they renovated the place. I am sick of everything in boxes. I will never redo a house ever again.
Yours looks great.

Jessie said...

Hi Ruthie, It is a coincidence isn't it? must be something in the air! I look forward to seeing your new decking, that sounds quite a task!
Thanks Rosie, the scaffolding csme down this morning so I'm almost free of them. Hope you get yours finished soon!

Karen said...

Isn't it satisfying cheering up old furniture. :) Oh and I love your crochet blanket. x

Lisa said...

Thank you so much for your kind words and visiting my blog! I really appreciate it . I love your blog and it's lovely ,I see myself becoming a regular!

Jessie said...

Thanks Karen, I miss making it, I'm going to have to start another I think!
Hi Lisa, thanks so much, I do hope you come back to see me. :)

Amalia K said...

Wow, I see that fresh bright colors are everywhere in your life! You know, I think your ladies are looking even more beautiful and confident these days. Just lovely, Jess. (^-^) oxx

Jessie said...

Thanks Amalia, yours too! It's difficult to see it in our own works though isn't it? It's lovely when someone points it out, I hadn't noticed before! :)

Kathie Ann said...

Your art is awesome, Iam a lover of vivid color and happy images. Your art makes me happy, happy!