Thursday, 6 May 2010

Hooky Hooks

I've been doing some hooking recently. This kind of hooking will eventually be a cosy blanket to keep knees warm on the settee. This pink seems to photograph very bright. I suppose it is very vivid in real life and perhaps I've become a bit unaware how bright it actually is. I illustrate an article in the Britchop magazine and last month's issue was about how bike engines can sometimes sound like other things. Here it is in print. Next issue there's an article about traffic wardens so here is my other type of 'hooking' I've been doing!I know which type of hooking I prefer!


Rima said...

Hello Jess, thanks for your sweet comment .. yes I am happy to be an almost aunt! Great that you have work in print! And your rug hooking is fab... certainly bright!!!
Hugs x

Ren said...

Jess, its going to fab!!!

Jessie said...

Hi Rima, thanks so much :) Yes very bright, especially compared to your beautiful earthy tones! ;o)

Thanks Ren, I'm even considering joining Ravelry inspired by your knitting! :)

Giggles said...

I have done so much crocheting in my's relaxing and those colors...I'm always into pink!! All the Jewel tones are so in style again, finally....I love it!!

Hugs Giggles