Thursday, 11 March 2010

My Giveaway Ends Tomorrow!

Don't forget my print giveaway finishes tomorrow when I'll take all the names of you who commented HERE and have a draw to see who wins 3 free prints of the paintings of your choice :o)
I'm having a bad morning and managed to kill my laptop with my clumsiness, so I'm on the main family computer and have posted a picture I did a while back instead of a fresh new one hot off the page!
I went to see the film Micmacs last night, I'd recommend it to any fans of automata.
Here's the trailer:
I find automata fascinating to watch. There's something quite eery about the movement that almost seems human. One place I would absolutely LOVE to visit is the Sharmanka Kinetic Theatre but it's in Glasgow, a long way from where we live.....oh one day......!


Anonymous said...

film looks great.. thanks for posting the trailer, i hadnt heard of it! love your painting too, as always :)
hope the laptop survives x

Jessie said...

Thanks Greenwhisper, I'm worried that it might not and it's quite new too. I sbouldn't have become so attached to it! At least we have a main computer to use at times like this so I'm quite lucky really.

Tammie Lee said...

Sorry to hear about your computer.
Your art is lovely and this movie looks like good fun.

Amalia K said...

Oooo...a rainbow colored guitar, so cool!! By the way, I have an award waiting for you...please come see my blog! xx

Jessie said...

Thanks Tammy! :o)

Thankyou Amalia! You are too kind :)

Danielle Barlow said...

That looks like a good film - I shall watch out for it.
I love your current blog header!