Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Hello I'm still Here but Unable to Communicate Very Easily!

Hello out there!
I feel like I've been bound and gagged the last couple of days. My laptop had an accident and is now in the fixing shop having a very expensive fixing done. We have a family computer which I resorted to but again Fate stepped in again and stopped the keyboard from working! HOW frustrating was THAT? (very!)
I later found out that I could have used an 'online keyboard?' but even this is irrelevant now because it's been taken away to be repaired so here I am on a borrowed one, unable to blog properly.

While I'm here I must say a massive thankyou to Amalia for giving me the Sunshine Award! There are so many of you that bring sunshine to my life with your wonderful blogs that I want to pass it on to you, yes YOU reading this now! This Land of Blogs is amazing and continues to amaze me all the time. Thankyou everyone who is part of it :o)

I can't upload a picture or even the picture of the award in this post as I'm on a borrowed computer. Meanwhile, I'm busy painting mermaids and fish and flowers and will share the pictures with you as soon as I can!
I look forward to being back to normal!


Rosie said...

Ha, ha. You have a serious case of blogitis. Hope you are up and running again soon.

Karen said...

I would be lost without mine too now. How weird yet a few years back I didn't even hardly use a computer.
Looking forward to seeing your mermaids. :)

Fairysteps said...

I was worried then that it was laringitus or some other horrible lurgy laying you low. Phew! Glad its only the computer! Isnt it irritating when they go wrong and pure joy when they go right! Ren x Fingers crossed for a small bill of repair....

Jessie said...

Thanks Rosie :)

Thanks Karen, I didn't have one either and I'm totally addicted now! I rely on it for so much.

Hi Ren,
I have actually been ill this week too but much better today. I could have done with my beloved laptop while sat in bed a couple of days ago! Oh well at least I've had chance to read more ;o)

Anonymous said...

i had an accident with my laptop the other day...dropped it on my foot. the laptop was fine (luckily) but my foot is black and blue ouch!
glad you are all up and running again xxx