Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Advice For Me and Trees

I've kept a sketchbook since about 1994 and find it useful to put in quotes that help to inspire and motivate me. It's interesting for me to go back to older sketchbooks and find snippets that I'd written that still ring true today. I'm sure I repeat the same kind of advice over and over but it sometimes takes that long for it to sink in. Here's today's page.


Karen said...

I love to peep into other peoples sketch books.
Your trees are pretty and the advice and reminders are good. :)
Thanks for reminding me to keep up my sketch book as I can let it slip sometimes.

Jessie said...

Thanks Karen, I do love trees I think you might be able to tell! I love to look at other people's sketchbooks too :)

Anonymous said...

Loved reading your sketch book Jessie. You know it is truly amazing about the love for trees. Plus they hold singing birds in them. Dreamy!
love you cat, really is a character.
I seem to have a problem with cats. I keep trying to paint some, but never satisfied and end up scraping them.
Which goes to what you written in your journal. The words really hit home and you are so right. No matter how old we get, we still need encouragement.
Do you go onto Silke's blog?
Silke has an art friend who told her to keep ruining her art until she is happy with it.
Much better written on her blog

Have a great week!


Jessie said...

Hi Julie, I have trouble with cats too, I envy people who have a cat around their house that they can copy from life! Thanks so much for your kind words and for the link to Silke's blog. I shall go and pay a visit! :)

Anonymous said...

I have the same thing happen with notesof advice to myself, it really does take years to learn.
The trees are beautiful :o)

ruthie said...

great quotes jessie, especialy love the bottom one. I have to read things over & over for them ever to sink in x Its great to see that you have kept your sketchbooks and refer back to them still.