Monday, 18 January 2010

Monday Morning and a Cat Drinking Cider

Have you seen the new Avatar film yet? I didn't think it was my sort of film if you know what I mean but everyone that I knew that had been to see it had gone back to see it again, so I was intrigued to know what all the fuss was about.
I did enjoy it!

Other news: Here's my illustration of a cat drinking cider in the latest edition of Britchop Magazine.
Now to get to work on the Illustration Friday topic. The word is 'wilderness' and I have trees on my mind already........!


Rosie said...

Ha, ha, Scrumpycat. Super.

Jessie said...


April Jarocka said...

Ha! Love it!!

Owen said...

Haven't seen Avatar yet, but there sure are alot of people talking about it... love your drawings here, both for Avatar and the cat with a jug of cider... I was wondering what the article was about that the drawing was with ? Something on the dangers of drunken felines in automobiles ?

Nicola said...

I really enjoyed it too! 3D sure has come a long way!!

Great illustration of the cat hehehe it must be so exciting to see your work published!!! Well done!

Jessie said...

Thanks April! :)

Thanks Owen, you're almost right with your guess about the article! I used my artistic license to put the cider into the cat instead of the gas tank (as in the story!);)

Hi Nicola, I'm glad you enjoyed it too! We saw it in 3D but other people I've spoken to who have seen it in both formats, said they prefered it in 2D!

Anonymous said...

Jessie, this painting looks awesome in the magazine. I remember you mentioning about the bikers mens mag, something similar and this,the illustration was for it.
You must feel so proud to see this published.

So exciting!



Anonymous said...

Oh, of course there are bikers on the other side,lol!