Thursday, 10 December 2009

I'd rather Have Seen This

I love the Mighty Boosh so I was very excited to go to see the new film Bunny and the Bull. Not what I'd hoped, oh well, back to watching old Boosh dvd's!


Julie-ann Bowden said...

Oh cute! The sweet little bunny. I just want to give it a huge hug!

Bless you so much Jessie, you keep going with your wonderful art.



Jessie said...

Thanks Julie, you're so sweet! A big *hug* to you too! :)

Robin said...

sooo cute ....grate your pen and ink below also...!!have a great day..!!

Nicola said...

Hi Jessie, love your bunny!!! Is The Mighty Boosh that crazy show which doesn't make much sense but is very funny? I think I've managed to catch a few episodes over here if it is and thought it was hilarious hehehe although I was wondering what was going on half the time heheheh.....nice work! :0)

Jessie said...

Thanks Robin,:)
Hi Nicola, yes it's quite surreal but that's what I like about it! Thanks :)