Thursday, 10 December 2009

I'd rather Have Seen This

I love the Mighty Boosh so I was very excited to go to see the new film Bunny and the Bull. Not what I'd hoped, oh well, back to watching old Boosh dvd's!


Anonymous said...

Oh cute! The sweet little bunny. I just want to give it a huge hug!

Bless you so much Jessie, you keep going with your wonderful art.



Jessie said...

Thanks Julie, you're so sweet! A big *hug* to you too! :)

Anonymous said...

sooo cute ....grate your pen and ink below also...!!have a great day..!!

Nicola said...

Hi Jessie, love your bunny!!! Is The Mighty Boosh that crazy show which doesn't make much sense but is very funny? I think I've managed to catch a few episodes over here if it is and thought it was hilarious hehehe although I was wondering what was going on half the time heheheh.....nice work! :0)

Jessie said...

Thanks Robin,:)
Hi Nicola, yes it's quite surreal but that's what I like about it! Thanks :)