Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Getting in the Mood

I've been doing some festive themed paintings and finished this one yesterday. I thought it was about time I changed the look of this blog to match the time of year, so by the time you read this it might already be bedecked with the colours of the season! I feel the need for a new header and I think this painting shall fit the bill.


Jessie said...

Oh and I'd like some bloggy snow if anyone knows how do make it? :)

Veronica said...

Hi Jessie, thanks for stopping by! I see you're looking v festive already, not as last minute as me onbviously!!

Ciara said...

What a delightful festive painting!

Thanks so much for your sweet words and birthday wishes!

And I do love the new seasonal look!

Anonymous said...

How sweet this all is! You surely do a super job painting. I love the Christmas theme painting. Awesome..
This is my first time here.. and I added myself to your follower list so I don't loose you deary!
This is just too fun isn't it?
I see you know many that I know..
Makes it even more fun. I just finished my one of my Christmas painting three days ago.
It is sugarkissed "Deck the Halls"..
Have a beautiful Day,
Hugs, Darlene xo

Sonia said...

Oh, this is definitely one of my favorites! Great colors and composition! Hugs, Sonia.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful Jessie! Spot on. Karen on Moonlight & Hares has bloggy snow but I don't know how she does it. I'll try and put the hhtp in... liZZie xxx

Jessie said...

Hi Veronica, yes it was so gloomy yesterday I needed to brighten the place up!
Thanks Ciara :)
Thanks Darlene, I'll pop over and have a look at your new painting, it sounds lovely!
Thanks so much Sonia. :)
Thanks Lizzie, I'll ask Karen :)

ruthie said...

Jessie, i wasn't feeling at all in the mood for christmassy things untill i visited you, and its magical! i love the new header, that must be on of my fave of your illustrations so far. I had a practice with the salt effect, but mine didn't work too well, dont know what im doing wrong!

April Jarocka said...

Nice to see the snow's working ;)

April Jarocka said...

Nice to see the snow's working ;)

Karen said...

Its looking lovely and festive here!
:) xx

Nicola said...

Love your new header and Christmassy blog Jessie!!!! :o)

Danielle Barlow said...

Lovely snow!

Danielle x

Jessie said...

Hi Ruthie, that's lovely that I'm spreading the festive vibes! For my salt effect I use sea salt the crystal sort and make sure it's copmpletely dry before I brush it off :)
Thanks so much April!
Thankyou Karen, I miss my blue but I felt in need of a change!
Hi Danielle, thanks so much!
Thankyou Nicola :)

Anonymous said... the snow..your blog looks great..your work is superb...Ive missed being on..!!

ruthie said...

thanks jessie for the tip x

Jessie said...

Hi Robin good to see you here!