Thursday, 15 October 2009

Frogs Showing Off

These frogs like to put on a show and love to be admired while they perform.
Burnt sienna, rose madder and cobalt blue...hmmm I must do that combination again :)


April Jarocka said...

They certainly are Jessie!
Love the eyelashes!!
Must look you up on Twitter. I am there also!
See ya soon

ruthie said...

love the colour combinations jessie, autumnal frogs, your painting always cheers me up x

crayola said...

Ahhh I am charmed with it your work, regards!

Nicola said...

Lovely froggies Jessie!!! My three year old was especially impressed with them they certainly caught his eye!!! Great colours!

Jessie said...

Thanks April, I've just accepted the Twitter request, great to see you there!
Thanks Ruthie, that's a lovely thing to say. :) You're right, they do look like autumn colours. I wasn't thinking of that when I chose them but I must have been influenced!
Thanks Crayola, welcome to my blog :)
Hi Nicola, I'm so happy to hear that! :)