Monday, 13 July 2009

Spiders, Pixies and of Course Hens.

Spiders and leaves,
singing pixies and flowers,

a tall owl and girl,um......and some hens...It was my eldest daughter's hen weekend and I joined them for the saturday evening meal. It had a french theme, hence the stripey tops worn by a few. They were wearing berets too but I think by then they'd come off! They made Naomi wear a white top hat and feather boa and the room was amazing with candles and feathers galore. The partying went on until today (which is monday!) They had a fantastic time and it was difficult to keep it a secret from her until the day!


Amberbop said...

Those spiders rock. The purple one is so cool and not at all creepy, which in my experience is hard to pull off when it comes to spiders. What's a hen weekend? I think I want one.

Buskitten said...

Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic! I love your work, Jessie! The hen party looks wonderful too! I bet they had a right blast!

Nicola said...

I love your little spiders, so cute and pretty (who'd have thought a spider could be pretty?). Then hens night looks and sounds like alot of fun!!!

Karen said...

Ooh I bet you had great fun being a hen! :)
Love the colorful happy playing with paint.

kathy hare said...

singing pixies, spiders and tall owls.. I love how your mind works Jess! :) and the hen party for your daughter looks as enchanting.. x

ruthie said...

wherever do you come up with all those ideas jess! lovely. wow, your daughters is getting married!! how exciting for you all x

soulbrush said...

allcute, is it the hen party already, i remember when you were creating the invitations...and there's an award for you on my blog today.

Vita said...

LOOOVE the owl in the hat! super well done!

Jessie said...

Hi Liz, they certainly did - especially the Queen Hen!

Thanks Nicola and Karen, I'm afraif I could only manage one eveving with them and that was enough for me!

Thanks Kathy, :) it was a beautiful Cotwolds house they rented in Burford. I wanted to live there!

Hi Ruthie, yes it's quite a time for us!
Thanks so much Joss, I shall be over shortly to see :)

Thanks so much Vita! :)