Monday, 22 June 2009

Illustration Friday: 'Drifting'

Well I did say I'd be posting a picture later today but what I didn't expect was to have completed Illustration Friday's 'drifting' while I was waiting for the other picture to dry! Here it is, sketched in paint very quickly on the back of a spare piece of watercolour paper.
I'm still waiting for the paint to dry on my other one but I should be able to show it here tomorrow. :o)


Janet O'Connor said...

I like the colors in your post. Nice composition too.

joanne May said...

Hi Jessie,
This is a lovely calm looking painting. Does this lady represent how you are feeling. Pondering over your next piece of work or waiting for your other picture to dry?
I don't know if you got my last email but thank you very much for the card info.
By the way I just had a look at your other pictures on Fine Art America. These works are stunning and so vibrant. Do you ever sell the originals of these paintings?
If you do. What price range do they start from?
Send me an email if you like with more details about them!
The sizes of the works and the original paintings you might still have available. Many thanks.

Nicola said...

Very dreamy piece, I really like the colours, especially the little flowers!!!

INDIGENE said...

It has a moody feel to it and the colors add to it!

kathy hare said...

beautiful and soulful..

Jessie said...

Thank you :o)x

sa said...