Monday, 1 June 2009

Greeted by a Dragon?

Hello I'm back! This was sat in our porch waiting to greet us as we arrived home last night. Any ideas what it might be?? It was bloomin' big I can tell you!

I never find the time to do artwork when the schools are off but I did this drawing (above) without thinking what I was doing so you might call it a doodle. She looks a bit sad but I think it's because she's tired. I had Photoshop downloaded onto my computer ages ago but have been delaying the inevitable moment when I had a peep at it. Well the other day I peeped and I got so cross with it I closed it down wanting to scream. The next day I peeped again and actually did something! It wasn't much but I understood that there are layers that you can change without disturbing the other layers. That's the theory anyway and after much hyperventilating, used a photo of ducks to play with. No, I haven't saved it because it was rubbish but obviously I still had those ducks in my head when I painted the sketch above!
Lying in bed that night trying to go to sleep, all I could see in my imagination was erasing backgrounds and moving layers across. I even caught myself making an entire picture on the computer screen before I realise it wasn't real and was all in my head! Back to the traditonal media for me for a while!


Maureen said...

The dragon is creppy, but so beautiful!


Anonymous said...

Wow! what a stunning moth.
I understand the Photoshop phobia thing, my daughter loves it, but I'm definitely a technophobe.
Your duck is pretty, love the colours, your art has a beautiful radiance and the duck has a lovely appealingness.

Thanks for your lovely commments over at mine :o) x

PG said...

Beautiful! It is a Eyed Hawkmoth at rest; if it had been disturbed, it would have raised it's body to expose colourful 'eyes' on its hindwings. If it feels threatened, it humps it's body up and down, to flash the eyes and alarm predators away.
Do I get an ice cream?

Karen said...

Wow a gorgeous moth! I love moths they are so stunning.
I feel the same about photoshop, haven't got my head around it. Its very annoying when my 14 year old says "its so easy"!!! I'm thinking of getting the idiots guide to it :)

Rosie said...

I would have run away screaming. Hang in there with photoshop. I'm not familiar with a tenth of what it can do but am getting there. I love it. Try downloading a demo of "artrage" to get a simpler programme but will give you lots of ideas of how these sorts of programmes work.

joanne May said...

Hi Jessie,
What a lovely Eyed hawkmoth. He does look like a dragon. Very special!:)
Are you going to do a painting of him?
Great doodle drawing too!:)
Thank you for your kind comment.

Jessie said...

Hi Maureen, I thought so but so fascinating!
Thanks Sumea, I've put it off for a long time but I'm glad I made myself sit down and try to do at least something with it. Better still, when my son's on hand when I get stuck! :)
Gretel you are brilliant!!! Do you want nuts and squirty sauce on your ice-cream?
Hi Karen, your moth looks stunning too, I've never seen such bigs ones until this year!
Thanks Rosie, my poor little laptop can't really cope with any more downloads, one day...
Hi Joanne, that's a good idea, I hadn't thought about doing that. Those wings are an incredible shape!

ruthie said...

that is a moth and a half! i shall have to go look him up & see what his open wings would look like. Well done for trying out photo shop, stick with it, it is a fab & very useful programme when u get the hang. i have "self" taught myself using the photoshop for dummies book & lots of experimenting. Use it loads for my photography. x