Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Jared's Film

A film my son Jared made one afternoon for school, starring my youngest daughter Carenza. You get to see my house and garden too! I was half way through decorating the bathroom when he filmed this so didn't get the chance to tidy up, in fact I didn't even know he was filming until we watched it a few days later! Excuse the title, it must be teenage angst. ;)


Kim said...

Hi Jess, this is very cool. Your children are really talented and your daughter is so adorable. As he was moving the camera through the house, you know I was thinking about the place where we lived (although it was a cottage and not a large house). The English details were heartwarming for me. I love the garden and the lovely windows a lot...not to mention all of the color.

Thanks Jess!

ruthie said...

Morning Jess, i love this wee film, your daughter is a cutie & a dab hand at acting!! well done to jared to, is this something he wants to take up? jake is really into making we movies with his mobile at the mo, am thinking he would make great use of a camcorder (maybe if his exams go well!!) ps havent tried acupuncture - yet! dont like needles, my pet hate. next step a cat scan. have a fab day x

Rosie said...

Wow!What great kids you have. Up for anything and talented! That's a professional quality video he's made.

Jessie Lilac said...

Thanks Kim, the cottage where you stayed must have been lovely! I wasn't aware my house looks english, I expect we get used to it and don't see it through other's eyes!

Thanks Ruthie, hope your sholder feels better soon :)

Thanks Rosie, Carenza was a willing participant I must say!

kathy hare said...

what a clever son you have! it's an intriguing little film, I thought it was wonderful... it was lovely to get a glimpse of your beautiful home aswell! :)x