Saturday, 18 April 2009

I've Joined the Deviants

Jared's Artwork for School exam (see above)

I've just joined the DeviantART site. I'd come across it several times before and the other day my son announced he had some artwork on it I thought I'd better get on with it and join! The picture shown here I did some weeks ago for the Illustration friday prompt of 'climb'. I'd no idea where the image came from at the time but looking at it now I think it's probably me!


soulbrush said...

you could never be deviant even if you tried...tee hee.

PG said...

LOL, I was looking at a tapir the other day and thinking what weird and wonderful creatureds they are! Even better with spots!

Rosie said...

But where are you in Deviant Art? I'm "Parleyhill". They seemed to have wiped out my last gallery.

Jessie Lilac said...

Hi Joss, No I'm not really a 'deviant'!

So THAT'S what it is! Thanks Gretel, I must have had it stored in my (absent) memory banks!

I've just added you as a favourite Rosie on deviant. If you click on the link in this post it'll take you straight to my page.

Cestandrea said...

I love this illustration, a colored little tapirlady and her offspring, and the little ones look a bit stressed:) Just lovely,

Cestandrea said...

PS and the flowing paint is wonderful too. Is this in water? It looks so smooth and would like to jump into it:)
take care