Monday, 2 February 2009

A Blog Award from Julia!

I was surprised and delighted today to discover Julia from East of the Sun West of the Moon has given me an award. Thankyou so much Julia! Her paintings are beautiful and never fail to inspire, so go and pay her a visit if you haven't yet seen her work.

I shall now list 7 things I love as part of the acceptance of this award.

1. My family, which includes my six lovely children and gorgeous granddaughter.

2. The sea, I go there as often as I can to feed my soul.

3. The moon and stars, a never-ending wonder.

4. Enormous trees, they are magical.

5. Colour!

6. Paris, I've only visited once which was last year but I was smitten.

7. Inspirations to my art, which are: blogs, films and stop-frame animation,runny watercolour paint, dip pen and drippy ink,mermaids,pebbles,wrought ironwork,wool, fabric,old stone cottages,spirals,patchwork,rainbows,gothic architecture,little sketch books,Cornwall,comfortable settees with loads of cushions,chocolate sweety wrappers,fluffy cats,old bookshelves groaning with old books,purple boots,cosy fireplaces,victorian conservatories,walled gardens,stringed instruments,peacock feathers,brightly coloured teapots and jugs,long hair,ribbons,buttons,old fashioned dolls houses and vintage toys,stained glass,glittery nail varnish,christmas baubles,arched windows and doorways...........phew!

- oh and of course chocolate.

And now I pass this award on to 7 Blog Friends:

1. Rosie from Spotty Dog
2. Caroline from the House of Secret Superheroes
3. Christine from Sunshine Hill Studio
4. April from Ugly Rabbit
5. Linda from Sketched Out
6. Kristin from Ink Blot Paint Spot
7. Ruthie from 5precious things


tlc illustration said...

What a nice list of things about you. I especially like your inspirations. :-)

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Julia Guthrie said...

Aww, you deserve one too Jessie!:) And that's a lovely list of things :)

April Jarocka said...

Thanks a million Jessie. That's really sweet of you to think of me. I'll do my best to receive it with honour and pass it on!

Jessie Lilac said...

You're very welcome April :)

sketched out said...

Oh Jess! You are the sweetest! Thanks for the award (blush). I need to buckle down and get to it soon. It was great reading yours, and I feel we have a lot in common (with the exception of children. I have wonderful nieces and nephews and a grand nephew though!)

Jessie Lilac said...

Hi Linda, I'll look forward to reading yours!