Monday, 26 January 2009

A Churchy Doodle?

It takes me ages some mornings to get going with drawing and this morning is one of those! I want to draw animals of some kind, with the Illustration Friday topic in mind. I'll look in the children's book of baby animals for inspiration and see what happens. See you here later!


Kim said...

Jess, I love this doodle. I think it probably warrants some of your fabulous colors. In the doodle form (without color) it appears as though you were a bit worried about what your daughter was sharing with you. :) Now I can sure understand why they would want to be married at one of those incredible Cathedrals of England. I am not all that religious but adored visiting those buildings (spent a lot of time in Winchester).

Mmm, now I look forward to seeing what you come up with later. Now if the muse leads you elsewhere, go with it!

Have a Wonderful Afternoon, Jess!

Jessie Lilac said...

Thanks Kim, it has a smiley face but maybe you've picked up on something deeper? I'm trying to follow my muse...thing is I keep remembering what I need to get at the shops. I really must go out soon and you can bet it'll be right when the muse is staring me in the face!

soulbrush said...

it's got a bit of a zentangle going on, like it, clowns come to mind too.

Jessie Lilac said...

That's interesting, I don't know what a zentangle is, I'll ask my friend Google.