Friday, 19 December 2008

Illustration Friday: 'Voices'

We went to the Christmas pantomime last night and Buttons was singing the 'well-known' song that Rolf Harris used to sing. 'Tie Me Kangaroo Down'. My 11 year old daughter thought he was singing 'Dye my kangaroo brown' and realise the difference when they put the words up next to the stage! CLICK HERE if you'd like the misfortune of hearing the original.

Of course my own kangaroo pictured here is purple and not brown because purple looks better don't it?

This is my submission for Illustration Friday, which this week is 'Voices'.


Asja said...

purple kangaroo! that's perfect!

carla said...

That's funny! Great inspiration for an illustration :)


Andrea said...

Hi Jessie,

You have one the purple pens on my blog, please eamil me your address so I can pop them in the mail to you.


INDIGENE said...

Lol! Don't you love how children hear?! Such an adorable image!

studio lolo said...

hahahahaha!! That reminds me of a Linda Rondstadt song "When will I be loved." and my brother in law thought she was singing "when we lie below!"
So funny!! Love the purpleness here :)

kathy hare said...

hello Jess!! ;)
what a wonderful kangeroo... :)
merry christmas my friend.. xxx

Jessie Lilac said...

Hiya Kathy! Merry christmas to you too!

Sara said...

Hehe, funny!

soulbrush said...

he is a cute fella...thanks for giving me your new blog site...and i love the lilac's a wow! xx