Monday, 15 July 2019

My Latest Sketchbook Pages and a visit to Somerset.

Here are my latest pages from my sketchbook. Life's been very busy this year and I haven't found the time to make finished paintings as such but I do make time most mornings to sit down and fill a sketchbook page. If I have a gap of not doing any art for more than a week I find it reeeeally difficult to get back into it again so these pages are important to keep the creative part of my brain up and running.
The top one is done with Tombow Dual Brush pens and watercolour.
 This one above is an inky background with a Posca painting on top.

 This one's done in the same way with Posca painting on top of a layer of indian yellow FW ink. 

I was having a difficult emotional day when I made this one.  When I looked at this later I was amazed I can see in it just how I was feeling that day. I love it when art does this don't you?

And finally  a more cheery one! I used my✨SparklingPosca pens for this, they're so fun to use you can't but help make a joyful picture!

We had a day out recently in Somerset and visited a little village called Nunny. If you were thinking that doesn't look like a castle, it's not.😉 I took this just opposite the castle where there was a pretty little bridge and  houses.
Here's the Castle...

All Saints' church in the village has a gorgeous gateway. I love to see climbing roses. Looking at the notice on the wall I've realised I've been spelling Nunny wrong, oops!

Before we headed home, we stopped at Burrow Mump. It looks like a mini Glastonbury Tor and when you climb to the top of the hill you can see Glastonbury Tor in the far distance.

The houses in that area are so pretty. I'm sure one day this will inspire a painting.

I'm very excited right now because my youngest boy is on his way back from Thailand for a visit! He's been away for a year the longest I've ever been away from any of my family so it's a big day. 

Have a great week and I'll see you again soon. xx

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