Sunday, 25 August 2019

Dreamlike Painting

I like to make pictures that aren't a conventional landscape, so that the ground and the sky are interchangeable, dreamlike, floating.

These paintings are done using my Tombow dual brush pens, the watercolour effect is made by adding water to the pen marks with an ordinary brush.

This next one below is painted in watercolours and the black is done in waterproof drawing pens.

Next is a picture made with my coloured pencils that I've had for ever. They might be ancient but they still do the job! 
Oh. And my black pentel brush pen and a gold gel pen. I love a bit of gold.

And finally here's a cute little cucumber that Middle Daughter grew in her garden. It looks like a lemon doesn't it? It's about the same size as a satsuma and I think they're called lemon cucumbers but let me assure you they taste like a very tasty cucumber.

Have a great week!xx