Saturday, 27 July 2019

Graduation and a Sketchbook Show and Tell

 My youngest graduated last week with a first class honours degree in Social Pedagogy. I'm a proud mama and here's a little watercolour I did of her in my art journal when we got back.

It was an extremely hot day but the setting next to the river Thames was perfect for taking photos.

 I like to draw different hairstyles, this one is done in Tombow pens.
This hairstyle was more challenging because of the detail but it's all a learning curve drawing something new. I loved how the cat came out even though she's missing a tail!
I'm always a bit fazed by drawing animals because I've very rarely ever drawn them from life but I enjoyed painting this one. Cats are my favourite animal so that helps.😉💖
I think I must have been channelling Frida for this one! I like using my pentel black brush pen, it makes lovely sweeping swirly lines. It actually ran out of ink so I took it apart and refilled it with ordinary black ink from a bottle. That means it will live for a very long time yay!
 My Pentel brush pen stars again in this one and I've added watercolour too.
This one began with a page of pinky purple acrylic. When it was dry I drew the girl and moon with a skinny white Posca pen and then finished off the picture with my big fat Poscas.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my sketchbook pages. I wish you a very enjoyable week ahead.xx

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Gina said...

Lovely work Jess and congratulations to your daughter