More Cottages During Lockdown and a Change in Medium.

I've been thinking about why I'm drawing cottages lately. 
Maybe it's because there aren't many people around where we live and on our daily walks we rarely come across anyone else which I suppose is a good thing as we're still in Lockdown and have to practice Social Distancing which has now become a very well used phrase in our language! Maybe it's this lack of seeing people around that my mind is turning towards houses and flowers?

The ones above are done in ink. I love the pearlescent inks, they're so beautiful when they catch the light.

The paintings above and below are painted in acrylic. I've been obsessed with watercolour for a few weeks but I felt I'd like to get some acrylics out again. I've always been like this, going through phases of being obsessed with a particular medium thinking yes this is it! This is my final medium and then finding myself being drawn to changing once again to a different way of working.
I'm thinking of getting my easel out again and working on some larger acrylic paintings like I used to do.
Let's see shall we?
Have a great week and I hope you're well and keeping safe.


Mary said…
More beauty to brighten up a rather dreary day here in North Carolina - thank you Jess. My garden is what keeps me from climbing the walls - we've been working outside for at least three weeks now and fortunately the weather has been mostly kind, warm and sunny.
I had planned to be in Torquay (of course with a ferry ride to Brixham!) around this time - love going home in springtime - but of course that's not possible with the world situation. NO travel at all now, but hoping so much we'll get over in Autumn.

Jess, are you taking commissions by chance? I'm thinking if I sent you photos of my 'cottage style' house and garden, would/could you do a painting - preferably in the watercolor style shown in your previous post? Just a thought as we love our little house and have lived here over 30 years - I tried to get Bob to sell up and move to a condo with no garden some time ago, now I'm grateful we stayed here and have a lovely space to spend our 'lockdown' weeks! Bob has a BIG birthday coming in July and I would love to gift him with one of your paintings - I think he would be thrilled.

Let me know if you want me to correspond via email about this later.
Thanks, Mary
Janet Ghio said…
these cottages and gardens are so pretty! I've missed seeing your blog
Heru Notodirjo said…
The illustrations are very beautiful and colorful..!!

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