Sunday, 16 June 2019

Inspiring Places

These paintings were done in my sketchbook just before a very busy time began a couple of weeks ago. The top one is done in watercolour and a black pen and the second one in Tombow markers. I love how you can add water to them to make them flow like watercolours.

 A funeral in Wales took us near a beautiful part of the country where we saw these creatures carved from tree trunks.

We stopped here for a cup of tea before the long journey home. What a lovely view.

This waterfall looks magical to me, straight out of a fairy tale!

🍃🌿 ðŸƒðŸŒ¿ ðŸƒðŸŒ¿ 

My birthday was in December and my son and his partner bought me a ticket to Kew Gardens. We waited until June to go because when you're visiting a garden you want to be able walk around at ease looking at all the glorious colour don't you?

Well as it turned out we happened to go on the wettest and most rainiest day of the year!

But it turned out to be the best thing because there weren't the usual crowds and there were plenty of indoor places to look around such as the Palm House.

I love the old cast iron architecture, it compliments the organic growth so well.

This is a view inside the roof of the Palm House.

One of the attractions at Kew is the Hive. It promised a unique immersive experience, connecting you to the bees in a beehive at Kew. This sensor picks up vibrations from activity of the bees and these vibrations are sent in real time to the Hive in the form of man-made lights and sound.

Dare I say it? I actually preferred it to the Eden Project and you might know how much I love Cornwall!
Since I've been writing this blogpost I've discovered so much more about what we could have experienced at Kew gardens but having enjoyed a rainy day there, I know it has a whole lot more to offer on another visit one day.
Have a great weekend.xx


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laoi gaul~williams said...

that waterfall! i just love water and the sound its movement makes