Wednesday, 18 January 2012

What's Hidden Beneath

An art journal page from this morning.

It's difficult to know what's going on inside myself sometimes let alone other people. Sometimes I find it helps to write down my feelings. It helps me to answer my own questions. It's as though I knew the answers all along, like the 'silent' inner voice that knows what's best for us. It's good to listen to it in times of confusion isn't it?

My youngest loves to draw and most of her art is 'cartoon' style using gel pens or Sharpies, so when I saw these paintings she gave me for my birthday a couple of weeks ago, I was very surprised. I had no idea she could produce something so very different to what I've seen her do before. She must have been more visually aware of the  places we often visit than I thought.

I love the way she's written 'mummy' on the frame too!

Meanwhile 'mummy' is doing some crochet therapy in the evenings.
I made a cushion cover a few weeks ago. You can see it by clicking here.
It started off ok but what with being put through its paces of family life of being thrown, and laid upon, pulled and pumelled, the cover grew bigger and bigger until it stretched so much I decided enough was enough and it needed a new lease of life.....

As a blanket!

So each evening you'll now find me buried beneath the ever-increasing blanket of rainbow. It's nice and warm under here!


Victoria Stitch said...

what a lovely rainbow-y blanket it's going to be! also love the face you've drawin in your first pic. she's very pretty!

Kim Mailhot said...

Such a talented family !!! Love that !
How cool to be buried underneath and ever-growing rainbow....

Happy creating !

Julia Guthrie said...

What beautiful pictures! Your daughter is clearly branching out. She is lucky to be growing up in such an artistic atmosphere :)

I totally agree with the idea that we have an inner knowing. Painting is one of my favourite forms of meditation...xx

ruthie said...

Jess, your daughter is a clever lass, i love the softness of those painting, they must be very precious!

I love your blanket, I am so envious that you can crochet, i would love to beable to & am cross with myself as my grandma tried to teach me so many years ago. I have a wonderful throw on my studio sofa, that she made for me!

I do the same as you write things down & discover I knew the anser all along, thats where "morning pages" have helped sooo very much.
x x x

Carol said...

Your daughter has obviously inherited your artistic talent, particularly love the top picture -goes really well with the lovely blanket!
Carol xx

Jenny Woolf said...

Wow, she is REALLY talented!! fantastic.

I spent months once crocheting a blanket very similar to that, it was fun and ended up incredibly and unbelievably warm, too as I did it all in wool.

Karen said...

Beautiful pictures by your daughter, she obviously takes after her Mother. Very talented! xx

Conny's Cottage said...


i like your crochet.Sooo lovely.

Greatings send you Conny