Sunday, 1 January 2012

Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012 :o)

I had a lovely birthday yesterday and returning home to read your lovely messages made it even better! :) Thankyou so much for each of your sweet comments, you are all amazing people. xx
The photo above is the view down the street in Moretonhampstead. I love how the little villages around Dartmoor are so close to nature, just look what's at the end of the street!

The next village for my birthday outing was the village of Chagford. I love it here and it was made even more special when I sat amongst the beautiful paintings of Rima Staines while drinking my delicious mug of tea in the Courtyard cafe.

 Her paintings are even more beautiful in real life!

I had to cut the bottom part of these photos because there were people sitting at the table right by them.
 And if you haven't already discovered her wonderful blog, click here to experience her magical world!  :)


After having the big christmas binge and then my birthday on new years eve, each year I get the urge to make the new year, a new start. The usual thing  I do is to make a list of resolutions and never keep to them so this year for a change, I've listed ones that I know will be achievable, even for me with my procrastinating tendencies!
Here's a snippet...
It's only a snippet because the other items are private. I'm sure you don't mind. :o)

The sun going down on 2011 in Lyme Regis.

Goodbye 2011, you have been a major year of learning for me in life and love
and in art. You've brought some wonderful unforgettable moments with special people, big ups and big downs but without the downs, the 'ups' aren't up are they? ;o)
 I appreciate all that's happened this year and hope that this new year will bring joy to all.

I wish us all a very happy, healthy and loving 2012,
where wishes and happy dreams come true.♥

Jess xx


Lisa Graham Art said...

Happy Birthday Jess! It looks like a perfect way to spend a birthday.

I'm off to check your links...thank you!

Lisa from Wichita, Kansas USA

Charlotte said...

Happy Birthday, Happy New Year.

You lucky thing, I love Rima's paintings and have only seen the prints once (at the Imagine Gallery).

I hope the forthcoming year brings you peace, joy and lots of colour.
Charlotte xxx

Owen said...

Christmas, Birthday, and New Years all wrapped up in one week ! That's quite a lot to celebrate...

That must be wonderful to see Rima's work in the original, her blog is truly wonderful... And are you near Lyme Regis ? Or just passing through ? I went there a couple of times, on pilgrimage to see where John Fowles lived, and the setting for the French Lieutenant's Woman. It is a lovely place.

Happy holidays !

Ren said...

O happy birthday Jess! You were 3 miles away from me today!!! Im sending a HUGE birthday hug to you! Your list looks like mine, but without the yoga!!!! Ren xxxx

Cynthia Schelzig said...

Happy Birthday...I envy you people that are lucky enough to be born on New Year´s Eve as you have and will always have the best birthday parties of the year:) Hope your year started off well today too..............

Bella said...

Thanks for the link to the Hermitage blog; it has some lovely images.

Lyme Regis is one of my favourite places in the world. I have a pipe-dream about moving there.

Happy 2012 too B-)

Purpletreebird said...

It was a treat to see Rima's paintings for real. I went to visit her in the summer and her home is as lovely as you can imagine, as is Rima herself.
I don't live in Lyme but its only an hour and a half drive away. Chagford takes less than 2 hours too! I had to fit it into a day and it fitted in very nicely. :)

As for partying new years eve, I leave that to the new year revellers and have an indulgent evening at home instead!x

Michele said...

Happy belated birthday! And Happy New Year!

Your photos make me want to visit England even more. :)

lynne h said...

jess, i just want to say that i thank *you* for your heartlight. it is so bright.



(and also, i love your new banner : )

Victoria said...

Yay !! Birthday Blessings..wishing you much Magic and JOy and new adventures ahead!
What a beautiful post..gorgeous photos..would love to visit there!
Thanks for the links..
hugs and happiness...all the best in 2012!

Amalia K said...

Happy belated birthday, Jess! I'm glad you had time to enjoy a birthday outing... Here's to more magic in 2012! oxx