Friday, 30 December 2011

Illustration Friday: Highlight

This is the last of my posts for 2011 and the word this week is 'Highlight'. My youngest daughter saw me drawing this and asked me why I had to draw 'creepy' pictures.
It's not creepy is it?? It wasn't my intention!
I've had many highlights this year but if I'm to recall the highest highlights of this year it would be moments when I've felt love.

 ♥ Because love is the most important thing of all. :) ♥

I'm off to celebrate my birthday and I'll be back soon with my new year's resolutions.
See you then!
Jess xox


Sarah said...

First of all, Happy Birthday!!
This illustration is beautifully done (and not creepy at all!) Amazing work :)

Bella said...

Happy birthday!

I had to smile when I read your comment about your daughter. She sounds about right; my daughter often says things like this too. It is their job.

And no, it is not creepy at all. Why not freak her out one day by doing something that is?

WrightStuff said...

Not creepy at all! My son wants me to draw a goose with a golden eye for some reason!! Kids eh?!

WrightStuff said...

PS: Happy Birthday!

Els said...

Happy birthday Ɣnd a happy new year, Jess!
I hope your resolutions include making lots of new drawings !!!!

rachel awes said...

happy birthday!!
and happy new year!!
looove this art!!
i think it's SWEET.
love. xox

Anonymous said...

Happy, happy birthday. Your lady in the purple dress is definitely NOT creepy. It might be interesting to ask your daughter why she thinks the image is scary. I bet her answer will be something that no adult would ever guess.

In the meantime have a Happy New Year!

Silke said...

Well, happy, happy birthday to you!!! :) And, no, your painting is not creepy - more like very beautiful!! Happy 2012!! Hugs, Silke

Tammie said...

wishing you a lovely celebration of life!

nope not creepy to me. fun how we all see things differently .Love all your wonderful colors!

renilde said...


and not creepy! rather sweet xx

Sandra van Doorn said...

well... Happy everything! i love your work! and i never found any of it creepy!
enjoy the celebrations and see you in the new year :)
wishing you a magic new year, filled with love
xo sandra

ę£®morikomidori said...

happy birthday
happy new year
and happy painting xxx

i don't think your work is creepy at all. unless it's in a cute tim burtonish sort of way

much love and hugs xxx


Ginny said...

Happy birthday and happy New Year. I think your painting is incredible. The details are wonderful.
I don't think it is creepy at all. It is lovely. I would love to know more about what your daughter meant.

noelle said...

Not creepy, lovely colours! A Happy Birthday and also A very Happy and Creative New Year to you!!! xx

Kerri said...

no, not creepy- just beautiful. what was creepy about it to her i wonder?

good luck making the resolutions...i should start thinking about mine too!

Purpletreebird said...

The 'creepiness' was in fact the cat wearing a dress! :)

Isabelle said...

Your blog is a lovely discovery, thanks for your words, i will visit!

Sarah Melling said...

Aren't daughters funny? They may not always agree with us, but they tell us what they honestly think! Not creepy at all, however...quite nice, in fact!

Victoria said...

Gorgeous art...I find it filled with harmony and vibrancy and life!
Happy B-day!

Marion Eldridge said...

Not the least bit creepy! Beautiful and sweet! Happy Birthday too!