Saturday, 3 August 2019

Zero Waste Jute Washing Up Cloth.

I've started a new blanket. I love to crochet it's such a relaxing thing for me to do in the evenings. My favourite part of course is choosing the colours! When it's finished I hope to have it for sale in my Etsy shop even though I know I'm going to love it myself and I'd be tempted to keep it but I have a LOT of crocheted blankets and as you can imagine I'm running out of space to keep them! 

I also love the actual stitchery part of crocheting too so I had an idea of something I could make very quickly from some old jute string that's been hanging around the garage for many years.
don't like throwing away those plastic sponges that lots of us use for washing up the dishes. I thought I'd make a little washing up cloth out of the jute, here it is!

It was really quick to make, probably quicker than it took to make this blogpost and it's good to know that it can be composted when it's worn out one day.

Before I go, let me show you my latest sketchbook painting done in Tombow pens and Poscas.

The hair was a bit of an experiment and I'm please with how it turned out. This lovely bright colour scheme started with bright green and red and then the other colours joined in as I went along. I'm having a bit of a crush on green at the moment!

Have a great weekend! xx


Gina said...

The hair of the girl in your drawing is gorgeous. Definitely works!

Betty said...

Hello Jess, the dishcloths are a great idea. I don't like those plastic sponge things much either. I think the hair in your picture went really well. I find hands and feet difficult to draw! I was just browsing through your blog and saw you have been to Somerset, we like it there and would like to move there - I hadn't heard of the places you visited so will take a little look on the maps. Congratulations to your daughter on her graduation, she is a beautiful girl.