Tuesday, 2 July 2019

Colourful Crocheted Blankets and Some Watercolour Pages.

When I'm not painting, I love to create with beautiful coloured yarns. It's such a joy for me in deciding which colour to use next while I'm making, it's a bit like how I paint too.

 I could make these colourful crocheted blankets for ever and ever but if I did that then my house will be so filled with them I wouldn't be able to move🤣 so I've added a new section to my Etsy shop. Please CLICK HERE to see.

They're very easy to wash and dry in the machine and lovely and cosy too! 

 They make great picnic rugs or as a throw for the bed.

 So in painting news I've been enjoying using watercolour. Here are the latest pages from my sketchbook.
 This one was done in watercolour along with a black pen.

Same again, watercolour but not quite so much black pen action this time. The veins of the leaves were done with a white Uni-ball Signo pen. I tried it first with a white Posca but it didn't show up on the watercolour. Poscas are great but for some reason the paler colours aren't happy at sitting on top of watercolour. If anyone can tell me why, I'd be interested to know!

Watercolour but this time with a gold pen that I found behind a cupboard when I was clearing up the other day. I love using anything sparkly or shiney so this was fun to do.

This last one is a bit of a mixed media, a black Pentel brush pen for the initial drawing, a watercolour background and underpainting, Tombow pens in her hair and Prismacolor coloured pencils decorating her body. Oh.. and a silver Posca pen too. I'd have used the metallic one from the previous drawing but I lost it again.🤣
Have a great week. xx



Country Rabbit said...

Oh how beautiful all those crochet colours so very lovely! burst of happy colours when i visit your blog. beautiful colourful artwork too. happy sunny day to you lovely jess ;)

Merlesworld said...

These are great blankets and so warm.