Wednesday, 30 May 2018

My Intuitive Artwork and a New Video

 Most mornings when I have time I like to fill a page of my sketchbook with colour.

It's become more of an art journal than a sketchbook because I'm making intuitive images, shapes and colours that come from somewhere that I'm not entirely conscious of when I'm in the process.

For instance, if I feel like I need to see lime green and pink then I make a drawing using it.

I sometime have an idea of making a random background and then layering on top to define areas, like with these leaves above. I then add some more detail to it with pens.

Souffle pens are great for drawing over a dark area. The pigment turns out a lot lighter when it dries.

And then some days I sit back and look at what I've drawn and I wonder, "Why fish?" Maybe it's the influence of the sea!

I've made a short little video of some of my time in early May. I hope you enjoy.xx


Gina said...

When I see how you work like this I always think I should work in my sketchbook more.

Kyra Wilson said...

Love all the bright colors!