Monday, 8 May 2017

Holding Onto Sunshine

I've been making some crocheted bunting. It's great for using up bits and bobs of leftover wool that have lurked in the bottom of my bag for years! I've been wanting to try making crocheted triangles for ages and now that I'm between woolly projects I'd thought I'd give it a go...
 and here it is ~yay!

Meanwhile on my painting table there have been a few new pieces taking form..
I'm enjoying working with inks at the moment, they're so adaptable. You can use them diluted like a watercolour wash, or with a pen to make lines. I love how the FW inks are so opaque that the light colours sit really well on top of the dark ones as you can see here.
This one I've called 'My Blue Cat'. Please click here to see it in my shop!

 This next one is painted on wood panel. I've used collage papers as well as ink and the wood was so light in colour that I didn't even need to prime it before I started. Can you see my favourite iridescent pale blue ink on her dress?

'Claramay' can be found on Etsy if you just click here.
I love working on wood panel. It's like a frame so that it's easy to hang on the wall when it's finished. The panel is about 2cm deep.

I enjoyed it so much that I made another painting...
 This one's called 'Holding Onto Sunshine'. It's also a mixed media piece using collage papers, inks, Posca pens and acrylic paint. 
I love the shiny chocolate papers that you get at christmas and I always keep some. You never know when they might come in handy! Below you can see the tiny twinkles of light as they shine through.

Holding Onto Sunshine is available in my Etsy shop. Please click here to see!

I hope you enjoyed seeing my new work. Have a great week! xx


Els said...

Love the green and blue (ink ?) outlines in the figures, Jess !

Gina said...

Such a joyful riot of colour in your bunting and the paintings

Jules Madden said...

These are so lovely. I love working on wood panel too! I'm finding it hard to buy them near me though- I'm thinking of making some. Love all your new works :)

anette196 said...

Energetyczne kolory

Cynthia Schelzig said...

wow, what style! i would recognize it anywhere:) hope you are well. what a lovely little baby boy too. happy end of summertime to you.

ROHIT said...

nice loving to see